Phoenix Rising

Morrigan Harker

The cold and dark

Is ever present

As I hide in myself

To heal my soul

And burn away what is

Not for me to keep.

I will need all my strength

For this endless fight

With the demons within me

That never stop howling

When the fire threatens to die.


The blade of my soul

Is porcelain shards

But the fire is still burning,

And it will melt me,

Refine me,

Until I am the finest, gleaming steel

Tempered, sharpened,

And still live

Maybe then

The forge within

Will rage again

And push me

Forward, ever forward—


In my times of darkness,

When the embers fade,

I have to remember

That I am a goddamned


Rising from my own darkness

To dance in the blaze

Of my wings,

Passed down

From the First Light.

A halo of diamond

And armor of mithril,

Aglow in a fiery plumage—

I’ll make sure they’re seen

In my times of need,

All while feeding the flames

With perfect love

And perfect trust.

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