Good Night, My Angel

Morrigan Harker

Good night, my angel

I see you next to me,

Dreaming peacefully

Despite the wounds I dressed

And the pain you took

From the weight of the world.

I hope I helped enough

In today’s fight against my demons,

But don’t worry about them now—

I’ll handle whatever comes

Until the sun returns again.

We both will need our strength

For the times ahead.


Good night, my angel

Your wings are missing feathers

From everything that’s happened today—

I hope they will grow back tonight.

I can see them coming closer

To shield me from the darkness—

I feel it’s my time to

Protect you

When you have done

So much

To watch over me.

I can hear the demons’ baying

Outside the doors

I have closed on them.

I’ll hold them off.  


Good night, my angel

I see you reach out in your sleep

For your sword and shield—

Will holding my hand instead

Make you feel safer?

The war against

The demons in my mind

Will never end,

But I hope

At least until dawn

You can forget the fight

We both have ahead of us.

I’ll stand guard tonight.


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