Disturbed Silence

Inspired by the music of Simon & Garfunkel

Morrigan Harker


Hello darkness, my old friend

It’s good to be with you again

Because the visions haunt me still

And I fear they will never

Leave me alone—

But do they come to me

Or do I let them in?

Those questions without answers

Still remain

As tears mingle with silence


Most nights I sleep but do not rest,

Merely waiting for the dawn,

I lie awake with restless dreams

Of running feet and broken teeth

And the fears that plague me

Day and night

Of what I know will not hurt me,

But what if they would?


Some nights the dreams

Refuse to arrive,

But Rest didn’t get the message

To cover their shift—

I am left to stew

In a debate with myself.

The questions that will

Never be answered,

Even when I cry them out

To the empty ceiling,

And they echo in silence.


In the naked light of day, I know

That only I can break the silence

But with the darkness, I can’t see

The light of a musical dawn

And I wonder:

Because the darkness is

All I’ve ever known,

Do I fear what morning will bring,

Even if it will give me light

And end my purgatory

Of silence?


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