Morrigan Harker


The storm that raged

Rattled the walls

I had placed in my head

To block out the noise

I didn’t need to hear.

But I couldn’t hold them off

For much longer.

The muse had been gone

For too long,

My barricades of words

Crumbling with time

Against the demon within

That threatened to

Drag me down

Into its realm of self-hatred.

It had been another

Sleepless night.

The world was becoming too loud

When I saw her

In the doorway—

In my desperation,

I broke from holding back the walls

And ran for my notebook

And then it all fell


The storm calming

As the pen hit the page—

I felt her flooding back,

After what felt to be

An eternity of neglect.

The muse cradled me

As I crumbled,

The ink flowing across the page

As if it were my own blood

Flowing from my veins—

All the chaos in my mind,

The whispers of the world

And the demon’s poison

Infecting my entire being

Could unravel







Until I fell,

Drowning in my tears

And finally breathing

After choking on my own turmoil

For too long.

The muse was there—

She was always there—

Holding me as the chaos

Left a void of silence behind

When the pen finally fell from my hand,

My grip also loosened on

The waking world

With the reassurance

That the walls would hold

Against the storm.

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