The Things I Want

The Things I Want

Alle Ehrhardt What could be more beautiful? a woman amongst friends, the passing of a happy stranger, the ray of sun on the windowsill, and the glowing of joy.   What could be more serene? the ease of the nap granted, the tear that finally falls, the peace finally acquired, or no longer feeling small. [...]


Morrigan Harker   The storm that raged Rattled the walls I had placed in my head To block out the noise I didn’t need to hear. But I couldn’t hold them off For much longer. The muse had been gone For too long, My barricades of words Crumbling with time Against the demon within That threatened [...]

Phoenix Rising

Morrigan Harker The cold and dark Is ever present As I hide in myself To heal my soul And burn away what is Not for me to keep. I will need all my strength For this endless fight With the demons within me That never stop howling When the fire threatens to die.   The [...]